Performance and cosmetics

With our largest release to date we made major strides in performance and overall site fit and finish with a focus on mobile devices. We also revamped the homepage considerably and made iterative improvements to over a dozen components.

  • Implement additional lazy loading, natively where possible
  • Added the position reset control to favorites
  • Redesigned the approach to mobile map property previews
  • Engage user location on properties page lazily as needed
  • Added spec toggle to map property previews
  • Added a fallback view when no autocomplete results are available
  • Made major enhancements to the property detail and overall site responsive layout
  • Began addressing various CLS (cumulative layout shift) issues reported by Google
  • Redesigned the homepage with tag links and an agent finder
  • Statically render additional on-page content for improved SEO
  • Improved lazy loading, event unbinding, and map choropleth performance significantly
  • Redesigned cookie consent which can now only be explicitly acknowledged
  • Resolved various issues with map bounds and zoom handling
  • Resolved analytic references to profile previews
  • Resolved mobile flash positioning with the Visual Viewport API
  • Resolved dozens of cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site
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