Experience optimization

This release focuses on optimizing the user experience after weeks of detailed reporting. Updates include significant performance, design, and accessibility improvements.

  • Added mobile filter count indicator
  • Implemented new font for increased legibility
  • Allow setting an optional note when sharing pages
  • Added relevant location redirection to inactive listings
  • Increased the collection size for properties and profiles
  • Improved the performance of fallback satellite thumbnails
  • Optimized the property detail page responsiveness
  • Significantly improved autocomplete relevancy
  • Listing and profile message content is now optional
  • Restructured sitemaps for optimized search indexation
  • Increased the lazyload threshold for more an improved scroll experience
  • Numeric inputs now show the correct mobile keyboard style
  • Significantly improved accessibility globally
  • Resolved hundreds of cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site
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