Dashboard overview

Our platform features a powerful dashboard that not only allows sellers to monitor how their listings are performing and generate reports, but also gives users a way to save searches, favorite properties, update their profile, and ultimately manage their experience on LandSearch.



Instead of spending time and energy trying to locate those ideal properties you previously found, you can save any property you'd like by clicking on the heart in the upper right-hand corner of the property preview or property detail page. Favorites is the convenient location that stores all the properties that you've favorited, waiting to be reviewed anytime you're ready. To find out more, take a look at our support article on favoriting a property.

Saved searches

To save you some time, you can save specific searches so you don't have to go back reapply locations and filters by clicking on "Save Search" in the top right-hand corner of the map after your search results populate. Saved searches is the handy location that stores all the searches that you've saved, so you can quickly revisit them whenever you're ready. For detailed instructions, check out saving a search.


So you can stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the land market, we've provided you with several various informational alert options. Notifications allow you to manage the status of whether or not you receive alerts on saved searches, favorite property updates, listing reports, our general newsletter and featured properties.


Whether your listings are posted through direct feed, MLS, or manually, you can find them all in one convenient location. Although feeds update automatically, listings allows you to view and manually update your listings as needed.

Sign out

When it's time to leave, your dashboard gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily sign out.

Edit profile

Because the only constant is change, chances are you will need to modify your profile information at some point. Your dashboard gives you the option to edit your profile, or create a professional profile if you haven't done so already.

Update password

Many websites make it difficult to update important information like your password. Your dashboard gives you the opportunity to effortlessly update your password in one easy step anytime you choose.

Subscription details

Whether you're enjoying our free subscription model or taking advantage of our promoted placement option, we've made it simple to view, manage and modify your current subscription details. Through your dashboard, you can edit your payment method, billing information, current subscription, and view your payment history. This feature is currently in beta and will be available soon.

Manage your team

Our agent, lender, and service professional directories feature an individual option and a team option. Your dashboard provides you with the opportunity to manage the team you belong to anytime a change needs to be made. This feature is currently in beta and will be available soon.

We're here to help

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