Platform updates

We're constantly researching, building, and implementing new innovative technology and features to provide you with the best possible experience in the land market. Here you can stay on top of LandSearch updates and improvements to make sure you're not missing anything.

Global enhancements

This is our largest release to date with global improvements throughout the site that addresses user experience, mobile behavior, performance, and search engine optimization.

  • Added postal code to breadcrumbs
  • Added on-page SEO copy and meta descriptions to profiles
  • Dynamically server-side render directories and entry detail pages
  • Enable guest profile and listing issue reporting
  • Added detail links to mobile navigation
  • Improved autocomplete relevancy and add typo tolerance
  • Allow setting leads to exclusively deliver to the lead email
  • Improved property and profile quality scoring
  • Offset the gallery thumbnails to exclude the first image
  • Pan the map tooltip into view as needed
  • Route API endpoints more efficiently to proxy and balancer
  • Allow clicking on map and low zoom levels on mobile devices
  • Moved the map URL hash segment to the filter values
  • Removed location input geolocation functionality
  • Pre-render significantly more markup server-side
  • Optimize map painting and overall functional performance
  • Significantly improve collection filtering performance
  • Don't render unsupported integrations in IE11
  • Resolved hundreds of cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site

Experience optimization

This release focuses on optimizing the user experience after weeks of detailed reporting. Updates include significant performance, design, and accessibility improvements.

  • Added mobile filter count indicator
  • Implemented new font for increased legibility
  • Allow setting an optional note when sharing pages
  • Added relevant location redirection to inactive listings
  • Increased the collection size for properties and profiles
  • Improved the performance of fallback satellite thumbnails
  • Optimized the property detail page responsiveness
  • Significantly improved autocomplete relevancy
  • Listing and profile message content is now optional
  • Restructured sitemaps for optimized search indexation
  • Increased the lazyload threshold for more an improved scroll experience
  • Numeric inputs now show the correct mobile keyboard style
  • Significantly improved accessibility globally
  • Resolved hundreds of cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site

Performance and cosmetics

With our largest release to date we made major strides in performance and overall site fit and finish with a focus on mobile devices. We also revamped the homepage considerably and made iterative improvements to over a dozen components.

  • Implement additional lazy loading, natively where possible
  • Added the position reset control to favorites
  • Redesigned the approach to mobile map property previews
  • Engage user location on properties page lazily as needed
  • Added spec toggle to map property previews
  • Added a fallback view when no autocomplete results are available
  • Made major enhancements to the property detail and overall site responsive layout
  • Began addressing various CLS (cumulative layout shift) issues reported by Google
  • Redesigned the homepage with tag links and an agent finder
  • Statically render additional on-page content for improved SEO
  • Improved lazy loading, event unbinding, and map choropleth performance significantly
  • Redesigned cookie consent which can now only be explicitly acknowledged
  • Resolved various issues with map bounds and zoom handling
  • Resolved analytic references to profile previews
  • Resolved mobile flash positioning with the Visual Viewport API
  • Resolved dozens of cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site

Overall site polishing

We've continued polishing various components of the site and improving user experience based on feedback.

  • Added high-level stats to location-based property listing pages
  • Added a broadband Internet performance map layer
  • Added support for Matterport virtual tour embeds
  • Only show location options with active listings or profiles
  • Greatly improved the performance of image galleries
  • Created comprehensive drill down on-page sitemap
  • Added perimeter value to mapping parcel inspector
  • Improved the overall layout of property preview cards
  • Added postal code to properties previews
  • Removed the sticky header functionality to resolve various issues
  • Added additional property preview spec detail and improved layout
  • Changed print view map styling and show branded marker
  • Improved marker contrast on all maps
  • Converted sort links to dropdown selection
  • Resolved issues with scrollbar cropping and inconsistent behavior
  • Resolved dozens of cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site

Listing detail improvements

We know how important images are to selling property so this release brings major improvements to detail pages, adding thumbnails and adjusting the overall layout.

  • Added scrollable thumbnail gallery to property detail pages
  • Improved overall structure of listing pages
  • Added preloading and batching to galleries to improve performance
  • Active options in the filter bar are now highlighted for increased visibility
  • Resolve persistent page cropping and scrolling issues
  • Fixed issues with some street views showing a black screen
  • Resolved various cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site
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