Platform updates

We're constantly researching, building, and implementing new innovative technology and features to provide you with the best possible experience in the land market. Here you can stay on top of LandSearch updates and improvements to make sure you're not missing anything.

Post-launch improvements

This wide-reaching post-launch release is focused on implementing improvements based on user feedback and addressing bugs.

  • A button was added to the more filter group to reset all filters
  • Listing searches now include a geometric buffer to return more relevant matches
  • Navigating identified users to the properties page zooms the user to their general area
  • Optimized query performance for listing points
  • Mapped points are available when zoomed out further on the map
  • Desktop filter groups can be applied individually with done buttons
  • Resolved error thrown when searching locations with certain special characters
  • Adjusted the search relevancy score for keyword searches

Public launch

With this release LandSearch is officially launched. Over the last year we've worked on building a robust data ingestion process as well as implement dozens of new features and user experience improvements.

  • Added new site sections: Media Room, Privacy, and Status

Frontend improvements

We're continuing to make small improvements and fix bugs found during testing.

  • Added new grid to table toggle on property views
  • Favorite properties now always sync the right panel
  • Images lazy load before scroll intersection for improved performance
  • Saved searches display the change count and update accordingly as accessed
  • Resolved nearly a dozen small bugs and improved overall performance

Beta improvements

We've received some great feedback from our beta testers. This release contains some suggested improvements and resolves dozens of bugs. Key among these are performance and mapping enhancements. Now we look forward to focusing on additional account functionality and finalizing our feed import process.

  • Created new separate careers page
  • Added a new development section highlighting release progress
  • Added responsive images to all page heroes and blog images
  • Added a "recenter" button to single marker maps once panned
  • Improved performance of many location queries
  • Listing and profile counts are visible on location drilldown links
  • When hovering over clusters on the map some aggregate information is now highlighted
  • Resolved various mapping issues
  • Fixed a few browser navigation bugs

Initial beta release

We've built LandSearch from the ground up as a radically different approach to land marketing with the best available experience.

These release notes will highlight major additions, enhancements, and bug fixes as we move continue development. We look forward to building the top destination for land buyers and sellers so if there's anything you feel will help us get there please let us know.

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