Land loan calculator

Calculate land financing payments for buying acreage and lots with our land loan calculator. Get monthly payments based on land contract price, interest rate, and down payment.

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Questions about land loans

How do you finance land?

The first step in financing land is to determine your budget. You can estimate payments using our land loan calculator to confirm your debt-to-income ratio will accommodate financing.

Some finance options include conventional bank loans, land contracts, and government-backed loans such as USDA or FHA loans.

  • Conventional bank loans are offered by traditional banks and require a significant down payment and good credit.
  • Owner financing involves the landowner offering financing directly to the buyer, which can often result in more flexible terms than a traditional bank loan.
  • Government-backed loans, such as USDA or FHA loans, are offered by the federal or state government and are designed to help people purchase land in rural areas or low-income neighborhoods.

When applying for a loan or financing option, it's important to have a solid plan for the land and be able to demonstrate its potential value. This could include having a specific use for the land in mind.