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LAND INFORMATIONBig Petit Gauke Island is located within the City Limits of Savannah, just a short 10 minute boat ride from Coffee Bluff Marina. This island totals 30+/- acres of upland with 917+/- acres of marshland. There is an existing deep water dock with a floating dock to accomodate the tidal systems. The land is a mixture of open areas sprinkled with breath taking canopies of mossy oak hammocks, tall pines, cabbage palms and palmettos. The island has been approved for 4 building lots and there is an existing deep water well providing a fresh water source.The views of the tranquil salt marshes as the grasses sway in the breeze are so peaceful and relaxing. Once you step foot on the island, you seem to step back in time. Take the kids on a scavenger hunt to find an abundant amount of arrowheads and artifacts that support the rich Native American Heritage. If you like to bird hunt, the duck and marsh hen hunting will keep any outdoorsman occupied! There is a plethora of wild habitat to hunt on the island and the fishing is absolutely spectacular. The brackish creeks and rivers provide great reds, trout and flounder fishing. If off-shore fishing is a passion, you are just minutes from the Intracoastal Waterway and can be out on the Atlantic Ocean in no time.COFFEE BLUFF MARINACoffee Bluff Marina, where you would launch, is a brand new state of the art marina that can accomodate and house any size boat. The deep water rivers and channels make boating one of the popular past times, as you can see and experience the flavor of all that the Savannah area has to offer.Originally granted by King George III of Great Britain, Big and Little Petit Gauke Island's grants are recorded in the Colonial Grant Book E (1764-1766) , folio 2. Acquiring these islands is a rare opportunity to personally own and preserve a small piece of American History.HISTORYThe story of Big and Little Petit Gauke (pronounced Petty Go) Islands began in 1733. That's the year General James Oglethorpe sailed the good ship "Anne" to a high bluff along the Savannah River, which you pass when boating to the islands, and settled the 13th and final American colony named "Georgia" after England's King George II. Savannah became its' first city. Often referred to as "The Hostess City of the South'', Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and has a long colorful history that attracts millions of tourist each year. Savannah became a strategic port city in both the American Revolution and the American Civil War. With rich soil and a favorable climate, it became home to cotton and rice fields as plantations and slavery became highly profitable systems. With the discovery of the cotton gin on a local plantation, Savannah began to rival even Charleston as a commercial port.In 1796 and 1820, Savannah suffered from two devastating fires that each left half of the city in ashes. An outbreak of Yellow Fever struck in 1820 that killed nearly 1/10 of the population. During the Civil War, Savannah suffered from sea blockades so fierce that its' economy crumbled. This amazing city survived both and rebuilt itself. I cannot help but to think of the current situation our world is facing thru the Covid-19 pandemic and prayerfully hope that we too bounce back and rebuild as well.From cobblestone streets to some of the most unique Antebellum architecture of the the South, Savannah is an old beauty that has aged with grace. In fact, during the Civil War, Savannah was spared from the fires set by the Union soldiers throughout the Southeast. The city was offered by Union General William Sherman as a Christmas present to President Abraham Lincoln. Sherman was so impressed by the sheer beauty of the city that he could not destroy it. Coastal Georgia has such a rich presence of American history that it's almost impossible not to fall in love with the area.

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31.9103, -81.1109
3 feet
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This 30-acre property is located in Savannah, GA 31419 with latitude 31.9103 and longitude -81.1109. The property is currently available for sale for $1,300,000 with a price per acre of $43,333.

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