When will we change data in a listing?

We want to provide high quality listings with reliable property information. Unfortunately, not all the date we're provided with is accurate and under certain circumstances we have to make changes. We only do this when absolutely necessary.

There are 2 scenarios of what we may do to a listing.

Auto-generated data

Certain parts of a listing are automatically created based on data we're provided with by the seller. If incomplete data is provided, we'll do our best to patch what's missing.

  • Listing title and meta content
  • Types and tags in indirect feeds
  • Location information if not provided
  • Parcel ID if not provided and we find a match

Inaccurate data

If we discover incorrect property data, we may patch certain fields to better represent the property to buyers. Here are the attributes where we'll make a change.


  • No size is provided
  • Size is provided in square feet
  • Size provided is inaccurate or unreasonable


  • There's a structure but it's not indicated
  • There's not a structure but it is indicated
  • Space is inaccurate or unreasonable


  • Latitude and longitude is inaccurate or unreasonable
  • The city, county, or state is inaccurate or unreasonable
  • Only a portion of the address is provided


  • Price is inaccurate or unreasonable
  • Price is provided in price per acre
  • Price is provided in per square foot


  • Image quality is too low
  • The image is not a photo
  • The image is unrelated to the listing


  • Agent or team name contains more than 1 agent or team
  • Agent or team name is inaccurate or unreasonable
  • Agent or team name contains professional designations


  • Format is inaccurate based on other data provided

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