We operate based on ethical principles alongside creating a data-rich land marketing experience. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, which often occurs when listings syndicate from a 3rd party, the following describes our data ownership policy.

When creating listings you grant us a perpetual royalty-free license to publish and enhance data you provide and agree that you have the right to make that license. However, some data is removed after a listing becomes inactive and we never claim ownership of your intellectual property in an attempt to "license" it back to you.

To be clear, we do leverage certain listing data to aggregate defining characteristics of parcels as well as understand their history. This information allows us to continually enhance LandSearch with valuable insight for buyers and sellers alike.

Here are a few specifics...

  • Photos and videos are removed from our system within 30 days of a property being made inactive, sold, or otherwise removed.
  • Descriptions are also removed following the same schedule.
  • We do retain the metadata we extract during the listing process as well as structured data you provide in the listing process, which may include information about the land type, features, and improvements for example.

Additionally, we'll never scrape data from any sources without explicit permission or syndicate listings beyond our network. If you feel any content on our site is infringing contact us or report from the relevant page so we can promptly comply.

To learn more about our data ownership policy view our Terms of use.