Promoted features

Although it's free to post properties and create directory profiles on LandSearch, we offer an affordable subscription that provides you with the tools you need to maximize your property listing and agent profile performance. Here's a little bit more about our promoted placement opportunity.

What do you get with a promoted subscription?

Unlimited listings and media

Unlike the majority of the listing platforms currently available, our goal is to continuously provide the highest level of service for a fair price. We offer one subscription that allows you to list an unlimited number of properties that includes an unlimited quantity of photos, videos, and applicable document attachments.

Priority property order

Our goal is to represent every single parcel of land for sale in the United States to help ensure buyers find exactly what they're looking for. With our promoted option, your properties will show up ahead of the properties under the basic subscription in the results of any given search. In other words, buyers will see your properties quicker.

Up to 6x more visibility

Let's face the facts. Advertising works and the results speak for themselves. The more people that see a product and the more times those people see the product significantly increases the chances they'll buy the product. Combining all the elements included in our promoted offer translates into 6 times more buyer exposure for your properties.

Universal listing promotion

We don't just advertise land on our properties page, we market promoted properties all throughout our site. Sellers who are wise enough to take advantage will see their listings in locations such as our home page, help section, and professional directories, which means buyers will also see them there.

Promoted profile position

Our professional directories help connect buyers to the resources they need to complete the buying process. With our promoted option, your professional profile will show up ahead of the profiles under the basic subscription in the directory results of any given search. Just like with properties, buyers will see your profile quicker.

Basic listing cross-promotion

To help buyers find exactly what they're looking for, our promoted listings will be featured at the bottom of basic listing detail pages under related properties. Promoted property detail pages will only feature the promoted property.

User engagement dashboard

Our dashboard is a powerful tool that allows users to monitor how their listings are performing, generate detailed performance reports, update their profile and account information, save searches, favorite properties, and ultimately manage their experience on LandSearch.

Off-market agent callouts

Our comprehensive database includes every single property parcel in the United States. As part of our promoted subscription, if a buyer is interested in any tract of land located in the U.S., we'll provide them with access to promoted agents that work in that particular territory, even if the property is not currently for sale.

Email and social exposure

Social media and email marketing are extremely important marketing tools in the modern world of real estate. Promoted properties will be featured in our weekly and monthly newsletters sent to thousands of land buyers, as well as advertised through the largest social media channels available such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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