Overall site polishing

We've continued polishing various components of the site and improving user experience based on feedback.

  • Added high-level stats to location-based property listing pages
  • Added a broadband Internet performance map layer
  • Added support for Matterport virtual tour embeds
  • Only show location options with active listings or profiles
  • Greatly improved the performance of image galleries
  • Created comprehensive drill down on-page sitemap
  • Added perimeter value to mapping parcel inspector
  • Improved the overall layout of property preview cards
  • Added postal code to properties previews
  • Removed the sticky header functionality to resolve various issues
  • Added additional property preview spec detail and improved layout
  • Changed print view map styling and show branded marker
  • Improved marker contrast on all maps
  • Converted sort links to dropdown selection
  • Resolved issues with scrollbar cropping and inconsistent behavior
  • Resolved dozens of cosmetic, SEO, and performance issues throughout the site
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